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DiaTheris wins CHF 10,000 at Venture Kick startup competition

DiaTheris adjunct treatment to insulin therapy is one of the six startups to win the first stage prize issued in Venture Kick funding program for innovative research.

A CHF 10,000 grant is been awarded by Venture Kick to Diatheris for “developing a groundbreaking solution to improve T1D management. Their innovation revolves around a small protein called S100A9, which functions as an adjunct treatment to insulin therapy. […] a groundbreaking solution to improve Type 1 Diabetes management; revolutionize the way legal professionals work; and create customized climbing shoes based on the unique anatomy and needs of each individual”.

The funds will be used to support activities such as obtaining external validation for the regulatory strategy, conducting a freedom-to-operate search for intellectual property, and gathering market feedback.

The support from Venture Kick will help Diatheris achieve important milestones and progress toward its goal of bringing innovative T1D treatment to the market.

Venture Kick is a philanthropic three stage funding model initiated to support Swiss startups with enough funding to kick-start their entrepreneurial success. Startups can qualify to receive up to CHF 150,000 in start capital, and an opportunity for an additional CHF 850,000 in equity funding from the Kick Fund. After each stage, promising entrepreneurs are also offered professional guidance in developing their business through the 2-day kickers camps and connection to an incredible network.

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